Broken Halos

Looking back I can see you were there
The photos prove you were once here
You have been gone for a long time now and just don’t know how…

The years have flown by and at the same time I wish we never had to say goodbye
You were tired, worn, trying to smile
When the world rattled in your head and wind would echo through your ears
You lost the joy in your heart and the pain remained
I wish you could be here now to see how we have grown and have changed but the memories we made will always stay

I know you are in the clouds looking down
Watching from above
I just wish you were here so I could hold your hand, sitting next to you and watch sports in the afternoon.
All I can say is that you were gone too soon
And maybe one day, I can see you too
We can fly to the moon

But, for now, I am staying on solid ground
I have to find my place here before I can escape to the clouds
I don’t what to become a broken halo
I have years to ago
But, please know that you are never alone
I look to the sky every night and hope that you are alright
I never really got to say goodbye
I still question why?
I still cry?
But, I know that you are in paradise

© Rosie Burnham

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