Deepest Fears

These rivers of tears show my deepest fears
Waiting for the demons to take me from here
As I disappear into the darkness
Were their minds are constructed with your lies

I cannot rely on anyone ….. this is the reality of how life has become
Undone through years of mistrust and empty words that reverberate of the walls
These sound particles are my only friend here in this atmosphere

I wish you could have been there
To stand by my side
Despite this, you choose the other side
I should have known that a long time ago
But I try not to lose hope in humanity even if they believe I am a travesty
Does that even matter to me?

Now, my words have been silenced and the poisons ink has been tattooed onto my skin
The words reflect their true thoughts of me before the fall
It has been three months since my world has become undone
For some, nothing has changed
But, this time I have defied their expectations and disregard their evaluation of my situations
They only see but never listen in this prison

I envision a day when I can say a sentence, a word, a stream of consciousness without the ink intoxicating my body
I honestly do not know why you have chosen this line of hatred
You are just creating a complicated conversation that will only end in isolation
I am tired of this jaded debate
As you try to control my fate
But, I know that I am safe from manipulating ways
I will locate a place of safety where you cannot break me and the shadows do not chase me

I am finally free
Even if life defeats me
Please try to stay holding my hand come what may
Things have changed and will never be the same
But, I know we will be okay at the end of the day

© Rosie Burnham

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