Change In Time

One month, two weeks that is how long it took you to decease my treatment from the retreat
Buried in your deceit I have found a way out of bleak
Behind my meek facade
I am armed with an army ready to protect me from your entourage of deception

Your aim is to make me weep
Yet, you don’t see the strength behind the scars
You unmask the venom within your heart and try to disregard my mind
But, I know deep inside I have the knowledge to see through the lies

Even if my legs are shaking and my head is quaking with fear
I will not disappear
I will hear your story that you have recreated this morning so you can seek your glory
I will ignore your inflammatory words that are design to hurt
I will not allow you to put me into a category
I will calm my respiratory system and just listen
Even if you cause a division within my circle

I will not retreat like a turtle into its shell
I will decide to find peace inside and remind myself that this is all part of life
I will not hide and will try to smile behind my crying eyes
This time I will not let you dictate my life
I just have to draw a line under this chapter and no matter if it causes a rupture of pain

I know this territory
I know how inhumane you can be
I know that my mind is safe inside
I know that everything will change in time
I know that I can have a life despite your lies
I know that I will be alright, so I hold on tight and fight through each night

© Rosie Burnham

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