Don’t Be Afraid


Some days I lose the will to stay, so I fade
Yesterdays pain remains whilst the rest of the world plays their games
There is no trace of my presence on this earth
All I see is all of this hurt
I have constantly been burn
I have earned a moment of peace before the quiet ceases and they unleash their beast

Until I am weak they still choose to hurt me
No matter how the past experience has shaped my outlook on this world
I try to trust but in the end that is not enough

Their patience runs dry
I am left to fly in my lonely heart
It has left a mark
You catch me off guard and poison my heart
Until it is black, lifeless and the rhythmic beat of my heart is flat
Yet, they do not bat an eyelid
They believe that they have won but I take strength from the sun to energize my damaged mind to continue this fight
To stay alive despite their hurtful eyes

They inked words are carved on delicately on my heart
Every vein
Every muscle
It is inscribed with lies
I try to wipe my eyes and try not to cry
I will learn to fly under these blue skies

© Rosie Burnham

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