Grief is like something burning a hole in you heart
Taken the oxygen
Suffocating the body
Paralysing my nerves so that they don’t work

They cannot be fixed
Just thrown into the mix of lost soul
A long way from home
I am alone in the wilderness
It is winter in my heart
I am lost
Covered in frost but I am not cross

I know that I cannot survive another winter with this splinter through my heart
My inner child has been destroyed so many times
Sometimes people cannot see the signs of how the years have aged my soul, mind and body
I am never going to be good enough
I am never going to be given a chance to recover

Before people have given up
I don’t blame them
But, never offer a hand if you will let it go
As soon, it gets too hard for you
You are not bulletproof
I know that but it is easier to walk away than stay
I know that by the end of day

I will not fade
I will not retreat because I am me
Because you cannot help me
I will be the best I can be
with or without you by my side
At least I said that I tried and I can sleep at night
But, I will continue to fight
I know it will be alright
I just have to hold on for tonight

© Rosie Burnham


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