Between The Lines


These days I feel a ghost
An irrelevant human
I hoped that one day I could walk amongst society as a regular civilian but I know that will never be

People choose to see beauty
However, they refuse to see the pain that is not always present but lives under the surface of everyone skin

The bruises come and go
I just wish that I could find a ray of shine
A spec of hope
A moment of peace
At the moment I feel powerless and empty

But, I try to look you in the eye
Despite you constantly questioning my worth
My condition
I do not want to cause friction
But, when our worlds collide
I will find a kind word to speak
I will not disrespect you even though you did that to me when I was weak and meek
I will keep the hope in my heart for as long as it last
I will not bypass the darkness or avoid the objects of fear that are holding me here

In this moment
In these uncertain times
I will not read between the lines
I will follow the guidelines but I will not live in the confines of your signs that are littered with mines

But, I will still look you in the eyes
I will not cry
I will listen to your advice but I will not be surprised if you demonise my soul or scrutinise my actions
You will not get a negative reaction
Just a positive response

I have moved on and I live beyond your boundaries that you placed upon me
I chose not to stay
However, I found my place where there is endless space
Unlimited possibility to grow, to thrive
And I will stay alive even if my mind goes into overdrive
I will survive.

© Rosie Burnham

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