Stay The Same


I know in time that people change
I was foolish to think we’d stay the same

I lie awake trying to understand why everything is changing
Am I faking or trying to make the impossible decision about my life and how is that right?
I don’t know if it is me that different or is it everyone else holding me prison

I wish I have a map to guide me through theses roads less traveled
People forget that I am not an animal
I am a human being who keeps seeing the battle scars constantly been torn apart
I need somewhere to start
Somewhere away from the ghosts living in the present day

I choose to stay even if the rest of the world betrays my trust
Even if people see my scars and panic
Making me feel like I belong on a different planet
Where my life is not taken for granted
I will take my chances
I will live amongst these circumstances
I will find protection under the branches
I will paint a new canvas of dreams and let the past be

© Rosie Burnham

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