Shallow Waters

Some days I drift away on a sea of raw emotions
I lose hope when the rain falls from the sky
I cannot hide my blue heart
I cannot hide my jealousy of the warm yellow sun
What have I become?
My life has become undone

I live in these shallow waters where my tears roll down my face
I dread the daily weight of the waves crashing upon my eyelids
I don’t know where to begin?
Have I become paper-thin?
Can I live again?
Will this pain wash away, someday?

I pray for starlit skies to guide my through these stormy times
Where the lies float away like ghost traveling between the different realities
But, at least they are happier in the sky
I wonder if they got to say goodbye before the ride of life took them away to find a better day
Will their soul fade? 
Will their names stay the same?

I am replaying memories in my mind to try to find clarity amongst the darkening sky
I don’t believe in an afterlife
But, I don’t know how to live my life?
I just have to try to find

A hand to hold before the coral becomes entrenched in my skin
Before the weather relieves its sins and where it has been

Between the rain and storms, I have become a cold and drained
I now expect destruction to come my way
It has always been these way since the first cyclone damaged my unchanged mind
This was a lifetime gone by
I have tried to make it right
I have tried to find a light even when I am in my darkest times
I have tried to find a lighthouse to guide the way but at the end of day we are still living in pain
Will it ever fade?

Since I have decided that I don’t want my body to be imprinted into the sand
I just need to find a way to shake away the sadness
Even if the sun refuses to shine
I will be alright

© Rosie Burnham

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