I will take you as you are, even with these battle scars
Let’s not look too far into the future
The fewer dreams will float into insignificance
I know you want to make difference but your willingness and open heart has allowed people to mark your once perfect heart
You have to carry these marks
You don’t get to restart you broken past
People have been treating you like a work of art from the very start
It is not time you realised those negative counterpart and find a new start

Away from the wandering eyes and the L shaped corners which haunt you
Leading to more destruction
Until an eruption of hurt cascades into shock waves
and you know you can never retrace those days
You can’t look away
You can’t run away
It is all around, there is nowhere safe and sound
As you look around there is chaos on the ground
Where are you now?

Somewhere in the distance
Somewhere homeward bound but you know you are not allow
To be yourself
You have always been left on the shelf
You have withheld your thoughts because otherwise you are compelled to talk whilst everyone else walks away
Because they cannot handle the truth
You never had a youth because of them
You are not bulletproof
Yet, they  unleashed hell on your delicate mind
You have chosen the wrong side
But, now I know the party line
You have fallen to the waste side
You know there is no next time
You don’t want this to be a lifetime of others committing crimes against your soul

You know that you need to walk away and don’t be afraid of the climb the mountain to find a sanctuary of calmness
Away from the dynamite of your life
I know you will survive
Just hold on tight so that you can see the sunlight rise in the morning
Illuminating all of the ghosts so that you can find a new home and remember you are not alone

© Rosie Burnham


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