I Don’t Belong In Your Universe

I don’t belong in your universe
It hurts
I have been pushed to the outskirts of this earth
I have seen the worse of humankind
However hard I try
I am met with coarse words which cause the adverse effects

Instead of mending the living
You are happy to leave me to freezing
I will never see another summer full of bees and this kills me
But, I will rise everything time you lie through your evil eyes
I will not despise your wicked heart
You have left another mark where the nurses have made things worse than before
I am left beaten and broken

Even though I don’t belong in your universe
Maybe I can recreate a new place where I can be me
Without this constant destruction which you are adamant to pursue
I am glad that I am not you
I would have to see my reflection
I would judge my action constantly
At least I have better things to do than cause harm like you

I am calmer than I was before
I see the poison in the air
I know that life is not fair but I choose not to stare and make the world aware of others thoughts

I embrace people’s imperfection
I do not pull them apart and leave them with more scars
I do not need a memoir to communicate my truth
My versions of events
I don’t need you to believe me
You just don’t see the grieve you have caused because at the end of the day you will weave you words to manipulate a situation that you are drowning in lies
But, you have achieved your dream
You have defeated me

I choose to fall asleep from the extreme fatigue
I am glad that I am away from you
You are the disease, not the relief that I hoped it would be

I have grown since I was sixteen
I know there are no guarantees
I will retreat but never stop being me

© Rosie Burnham

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