Humble And Kind

I thought you knew
The wind blew in a break through
I am looking to you to help me find my true self
Without the elements constructing their views
Spinning the untruth
Who knew that I would come through this storm unbruised
Even though you hoped I would fall through
You even threw methylene blue to strain my skin

But, I found an avenue of safety where I am unharmed and people don’t mind my scars
They are peaceful and listen to reasons
They don’t just follow the seasons
There is less upheaval in the sky
There are fewer eagles watching me from above
I start to believe I am good enough
I will not give up
I will become myself
I will stay humble and kind even if you try to divide my family, breaking any connection to hope I have left

But, I will look through a kaleidoscope to find some colour in this black and white world
I will unearth the joy in my heart
I will cry so that I can find what I want from my life
Instead of others making me walk a tightrope to prove I can cope
I will heal my frontal lobe
I will not lose hope that there is nothing that can repair me or help me

Until then, I will breathe clean air
Where I do not have to compare my failings to others
I will spare my soul the shame from yesterday
I know it is okay to feel this way
I just need space to find my place in this world

I know that I have seemed distant
But I have to find my way out of this twisted system that others have written
I know you miss my glistening smile but I feel I am in exile and that I am vile
These characteristics have viciously been twisted to aid their appearance of stability and that I am history

But, they forget I am persistent
I have laid in these shallow waters before
I have felt the wrath of these storms
I know you too have witnessed these moments of pain
We feel the same but just don’t express it the same way
This is okay

At the end of day, I am used to this resistance
It circulates in the air
In my body
In my mind
But, I will not die

I will find energy amidst this broken body
I will find light in my darkest hour
I will find power to stay
I know in the future I will be betrayed
I know that I can not keep that at bay
But I can start a new day and that dream will never fade

© Rosie Burnham


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