Aimless Accusations


Theses aimless accusations are filled with hatred
Their faceless foundations are making me questions my associations which lead to further isolation
I am trying to find a reason to keep negotiating but it would be a pointless conversation
The falsification of the events are devastating
Your reputation is on the line
You want to create a perfect painting of your world without people complaining
What is the point of even saying?
Wasting my breath on words that are better left unsaid
You have misread ever word I have ever said
You spread hate and will not participate
I will elevate your poisons ways and stay safe for today
But, if you choose to continue to dictate my fate
I will not fall under your bait
I will instate a sense of calmness within me and wait for you to reinstate in your ugly ways
I will not partake in these outbreaks of anger

I will wait until daybreak to embrace this heartache
I will create and separate all this hate and remake a new way to live
To be
To see how good life can be
Without the darkness following me

© Rosie Burnham

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