Where Do I Belong

Some days I question where do I belong
How have I survived so long?
How can go on?

Even though I have limited oxygen
Few hands are offering to help, and I question what else should I do
Because I will never be good enough for you
So I will move towards clearer skies
Even though it is hard to say goodbye
I would rather try than die only living half a life
I hope that someday you will see that despite your hostile mind
I will find a way to stay
To be

I don’t care if you choose to believe this is irrelevant to me
I don’t need your mark of approval to recover
I will not suffice under your tidal waves of commotion
I will acknowledge that every tomorrow is a new day
I will embrace the sadness and the joyful moments even if they are only seconds of relief
Your destructive ways will not defeat me

I will not betray people’s open hearts like you did it to mine and then threw it on the roadside
I will have an open mind
I will stay hoping for a better tomorrow, where there is no sorrow
By offering a hand to hold when you are alone
Broken in the ocean

One day a motion of calmness will fall amongst the rhythmic ocean
Where we are treated all the same, and every life is not in vain
There is no pain and shame
Just an acceptance that we will all find our way at the end of the day

© Rosie Burnham

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