Those days have put a strain on your heart
Your body is worn down
Your mind and spirit are exhausted for the constant battles from the outside world
You want to evaporate into a particle of water so that you can drown the sounds and not hear the chaos around

Just the motionless of silence
The quietness of inner peace, submerged in your body, and there are no more worries
No disappointments of lost dreams which could never be
It is sad to see the seams of steadiness have drifted away like driftwood
Floating to the distances
Swimming in the depths of the ocean
At the mercy of the tides
Holding all of your secrets you despise
The seas can hide your lies
For a short space of time

Until you can live your life without the ocean tides breaking you stride
You will gleam with pride when you have made it to the other side, and you can finally live you life

© Rosie Burnham


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