Dear Friend

It is has been a while since you last smiled
The tiles have grown moldy
Your spirit has continued to survive despite their new ugly eyes
Sadly, you cannot save everyone
You cannot fix the world with an answer
You cannot make the wrongs of this world right however hard you try
Behind your tired eyes, you care
Even though you want nobody to see your kindness
You still offer a hand to help the others
But, there will become a time that you have to focus on yourself rather than offering help

Don’t worry about tomorrow or in three months time
Just be here now
Stay here
Don’t wish your life away
Just focus on each new day and find your place however that is displayed
At less, you will be safe

I am not asking you to take side
But, it is hard for me to hear the changing lines that have occurred since I have gone
Over a month on
I am glad that change has happened, but it is a little too late for me to retrace those steps and opportunities
As the wall of silence has occurred, there is no option for me

So, you live your life and continue to fight
Day and night
Even with the loud noises and unsettling times
Don’t let people divide your delicate mind
You will make it to the other side
I have no doubt in my mind

Don’t fear the leaves
Don’t run away from the trees
Just let it be
One day you will be free

© Rosie Burnham



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