Rise Above

Am I at peace with every turn or is this wish absurd
Will the truth ever be heard?
Will I transfer these words onto a different page?
Will I reword my story to fit the margins of your book?
Will you break the spine so that I fit into the perfect line?
Will you decide if I make the grade or will you push me away and watch me fade?

However, I will rise above your hate
I will find love even if it is disintegrating within my soul
I will find a way for us to get along
Even if you don’t want to hear my song
I will go on

I know it happened long ago
I need you to believe me
I don’t need you even to see me
Instead, I will be:

And compassionate

No matter how many obstacles I have to overcome
I will never give up
Never be silenced
Never be mistreated again

When the dust has settled
I will repair my broken spirit
I will continue to thrive and not despise your unacknowledged mind
I will mend my home even if there are days when I feel alone
I know there is always tomorrow

© Rosie Burnham


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