Ocean Eyes

The tears are emerging
The swell is forcing your thoughts to the front of your mind causing an ocean tide to drag your dissociated mind into another life

Before, you let go and float away
Realise that the ocean tides can change their minds
Even with the ocean spray blurring your vision and the salt water stings your eyes
I can see the waves of emotion crashing in your eyes as you desperately try not to cryThe ocean has caused you so much commotion

The ocean has caused you so much commotion
Even though the currents are powerful
You are stronger than you think
You will not sink

Just blink
See the sun rising on the horizon
A new day will begin, and you will learn how to swim
Away from the pain
You will regain the strength to return to shore
Before the storm, this was your home after all

Don’t become small
Just smile through it all
You have been here before
You are tired of fighting this cold war
But, I know you will make it through
You are worth more than the ocean storms

© Rosie Burnham

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