It’s been a while since I saw you smile
Your face is drawn just like before
They could have helped you through the storm
They chose to through you over the waterfall
The first ten days they stood tall with you
But after fourth days their patience faded
They did not want to help you stop the rain

They just inflicted more pain, and the rain poured like never before
Your vulnerability used against you
Your honesty was used to manipulate your mind
The prying eyes watched your weakness
Until your tears ran dry
They through you were a waste of time
They read through the lines with no understanding of their actions
No reasons
No explanations

A month on they live in silence
Pushing us further away so we will not complain
But, it has sadly happened this way

You are willing to meet them halfway
You are prepared to build the trust which was broken
You will cross the fault line, but you will not fight with them
You will not fall apart because this is what they want from the start
You never expected it to so quickly
But, it has, and that is ok
Sometimes you have to fall before you can fly
Even though you have fallen many times before you are stronger after all

© Rosie Burnham

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