River of lies
It is hard to divide reality and the formalities of the situation
Every time I try to build the foundations for the bridges
You break them
Your present is judgemental
Your power is overwhelming
Your need for control shines through more than your love
I know you have had enough

It is obvious that you are disappointed in me
It is written on your face
I hear it in your voice
The level of disinterest has occurred in your body and soul

Don’t worry before long
I will be gone so that you can go back to the three of you
I never really felt like I belonged and as the days go on
It is becoming more apparent that my presence is a problem in the relationship
In the direction of your life’s
I cannot say that I didn’t try, to make things right

Even if I went abroad and moved forward
Your would follow me even more,
Checking behind every close door
What is my life all for?
For others to take and recreate their fake lives
I don’t know how to make this better
I’m not sure if I stand this stormy weather
I just don’t know where to go, and I feel so alone

© Rosie Burnham



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