Ethnicity your leave me in disbelief
All you care about is the money falling from the trees
As long as you hit your numbers
You don’t care who goes under
There are morals in your soul otherwise you would have met long ago
You don’t want to meet us half way

Why are you admit on causing so much pain?
You might be at the top of your game, but you are not professional at the end of the day
You broke the contract, and now you think you can wash your hands of me

This is precisely why it took two years to agree
You lied to all of us, saying the negative reviews were just some individuals that did not comply with the program
But with me, on the other hand, I did comply
Even when you blurred the lines

People need to think twice before they listen to your advice
You damage lives, but you don’t have to pay the price
You can sleep at night
As long as the money is easy and the people don’t question your mistakes
I remember someone said that ‘we would all make mistakes, but we will work through it anyway’

At the end of the day, the frozen people who chose to care while they stabbed me in the back only twelve hours later
I know you will not meet your maker
As long as you have your three cars, you don’t bear the scars
You bear no responsibility for the history
So your lies remain a mystery

© Rosie Burnham


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