Ocean Tides

What do I want to leave behind
As the tide comes in and rolls right out
I have no doubt that the writings on the wall describe more meaning than I can talk

I can walk away
I can choose to stay
You pushed me away
You’ve caused this pain
A small ounce of communication would have helped stabilised my demolished mind
You have made it clear in your typewritten letter that they are no next times
No willingness to listen and learn
Just a conversation would have alleviated this pain, but you don’t have to carry it every day
It float away on the next wave

Nobody will save me in this world
It is full of absurd, meaningless words that merge and becoming blurred
A Polaroid of lies which you try and hide

But, I now deep inside that I will be alright
Even if sometimes I wake in the night
Awoken by the fright
I will manage by holding on to my duvet
Allowing the monsters to come
Until there is none of them
Just me with the sea breeze on my face
The sun glistening off the water and feeling the calmness of the continuous water

My negative thoughts are at bay
I remain present and calm
I will not let your actions harm me
When my guard is down
When I have been lost and found
I will find safety in the sounds of the wilderness

© Rosie Burnham

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