Two Thousand Miles

Am I
A waste of space
Am I
Hurting your brain because all you do is run away
From me
You don’t see or believe
In me

I wish
I could make things right
I wish I could turn back time
I sorry that I am not divine

My life is a game
For others to play
Taking me away
Day by day
My heart is all that remains
I wish it weren’t this way
I have prayed from hours
To Ask
If God would unleash some power to help me on my way
But, it would not be fair for God to choose me
When people need him elsewhere

So I stare
Into the distance
Onto the horizon
And, cry
Hope that someone will give me some advice
On how I can live my life right
Maybe, I will have to wait for the next time it rains

For someone to show the way
Until then I will stay two thousand miles away
I will come back to you one day

© Rosie Burnham

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