In Eden, it is as suppose to be peaceful
A tranquil place where there is space to grow, but you are not alone
There is comfort in the wilderness
There are no territorial defenses and no fences
Just wide open spaces and snow capped mountains which freeze the negativity
There is purity, and no one knows your history
You remain a mystery

There is no pressure to conform and smile through the wars
There are no more worried minds and tired eyes
Which try desperately care but they know they don’t belong there

Leaving me nowhere and how is that fair?
The minds memories are the biggest demon to face because people cannot manipulate what you saw through your eyes
It is hard to say goodbye
But, it offers a lifeline
Where the falling snowflakes on the mountain surround you, cleansing your soul
Calming your mind
Not even a divine light

But, peace from the inside and you didn’t mind if people lied because their words would fall off the mountainside
that may not be right
But, you have been carrying these crystallised stones from years ago and know it is time to let go
To find a way back home that you left long ago

But, in the meantime, I hope the altitude isn’t too tight for your lungs, and you continue to show love even if it is not enough

© Rosie Burnham

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