The Outside

You are so quick to move the blame towards me
A carefully constructed game that you have been allowed to play
For year, you did hear, and all I do know is fear your presences
Your bitter temper is not delicate like a feather
It is a cyclone of rage that I am at the end each day

When things get too difficult for you
You just walk out of the room
Soon, I will be out of you life
You never believe in this fight
Projecting a false light on the outside
You have always projected your happiness to others
We were never good enough for you, so you blew a momentous moment of joy which alters our lives
But, despite this, you don’t hold onto any responsibility

You try to live worry free, and I am the bee that is continuously in the way
So when will you swat it away
You don’t have typical delay
So you replay these events
As I fade with every bit of truth that you took
I can never look at you
Until I can heal the pain of yesterday but will you listen anyway
I will just have to hope for that day

© Rosie Burnham

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