There are no winners in this game of life
Everyone hurts sometimes
You can’t find a solution
It has been proven that trust is like dust
Blowing in the wind
Frail and in the end becomes stale

I wish there was a letter that I could write address your concerns and make the world’s force disintegrate
To fade away and not leave a disarray of pain because, in the end, no one gains
No on person or group is victorious

It just leaves more unanswered questions
More uncertain
More damage
More broken souls that have lost their homes
More hurt
And these empty words just sound meaningless
In the end destructive

Whilst I live amongst it
There will be no peace and quiet
No resolution because my life is surrounded by pollution
I have been tarnished by the plastic bottles, the labels, the burnt tables and the whales of protection that have shown me no affection
They forget to mention
The progress I made
Dodging the harpoons, swimming across the ocean without causing an commotion
They refuse to understand or to listen, so my murmurs goes unnoticed in the ocean

It sad to say that we have drifted away
Maybe the currents will bring us back together one day
But, not in the near future
I wish it would come sooner
However, I need time to grieve and to relieve my soul before I can truly come back home

This happen such a long time ago
Yet, it has shaped my life
My meaning
My belonging
I have to take charge of these dangerous sharks and learn not fall apart
I knew that from the start
But, the scars run deep from the continuous pounding of the waves that I need to rest and come back one day
Calm and were I don’t need to be on guard
I hope that is not too far away

But, for today, I have to live and remain
However uncomfortable it may make me feel
I know the pain is really
I know I need to heal

One day, I will reveal the truth
Rebuild my life
Removing all of the lies
I slowing begin to craft my new normal
My version of events
But, for now, they are better left unsaid, until I am on the mend
I know that life is not heaven sent
Yet, I have dreamt of better days which one day I will regain.

© Rosie Burnham



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