When will I be free
I cannot see another beam of hope
I can cope even if my mind is like a kaleidoscope
I find an another envelope to scope a way forward
Even in the corners of despair
The borders of division
I will respect your decision
But, I do not expect an admission of guilty
I will edit my mind and find peace inside without you by me side

It’s alright I know that this is life
Despite these obstacles
I will find joy in the sadness
I will find hope in the despair and happiness in every breath of fresh air

It is everywhere if you look
I won’t be a scared little bear
I will fight through the wear and tear
I will dare to believe in a better future
I will not compare this present nightmare with these doctrinarians of lies
I will smile and one day be able to look you in the eye

© Rosie Burnham



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