I am tired of running
I am tired of living in this world where there is all of this hurt
People will never learn how their actions have caused so many negative fractions

I am continuously being burnt
I am tired seeing me at thirteen
What do you expect for me?
All I want is to be free
Deep down I know it will never be
There is no relief within this moment of pain and disarray

But, I am adamant that I will stay and conquer another day
I will not disappear into insignificance
I have a right to be here on this planet
I have a right to breathe and see how good the world could be
Even when you disarm me
I find a way through the dense trees
I will fight this disease and the external poison that is being thrown a me

I will whether the elements of hatred
I will not let it shatter my heart
I will not fall apart
I will stand tall and next time we meet
I will look you in the eye, as your lies float on by
I remind you of the care that I was denied
But, I will not despise your being
I will not push you into a corner like you did to me
I will remain calm as your raise your alarms
I may be traumatized but I have a mind that remembers the words you said and the lies I was fed

I will put that aside if you stand by my side or you probably run and hide
From the tides of truth that you have never experienced
That you will never endure
So tell me how you can make a decision after seeing me for an hour
I hope you feel you have the power

Not to make changes but by evaporating a person’s hope and dreams because you cannot cope with this disease
Please don’t call yourself’s specialists, when you write false reports and forget the person after all

We are not treated as humans
We are just chess pieces on a board being moved and destroyed so that you can rearrange and create more space
For another vulnerable soul that you take advantage of by building their trust and then deciding when you have had enough

I question what this world has become?
I question where is the love?

But, I choose to rise above

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