Give me strength when I am weak
Give me a ray of hope in the darkness
Give me a reason to stay when I am sent away
Give me a chance even if I fall apart
Give me a reason to start again…

Help me find my faith and accept me this way
I have been fighting to keep the demons at bay

I am fighting for recovery even when the world is troubling me
I find a way to be
I find a way to speak my truth
I find a way to pull through the blue cloud of doubt
I will not be defended by your lack of understanding and compassion
I remember and see the truth
Even if you try and lie to my damaged mind

I am still human on the inside
I have a brain and I will use it to conquer this dismal place
I will not follow the line of fate that you have displayed
I will find another way
I will find my place
I just have to wait for another day and continue to pray for better days.

© Rosie Burnham

2 thoughts on “Strength

  1. This is beautiful and very uplifting. Sometimes we just have to keep fighting even when all we want is to give in. Stay strong and keep writing. Wish you all the best – speak766

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