Lighter Skies

I thought I found the lighter skies and that the shadows were far behind
But, I had deprived my mind of the outside
I now cry with sadness that my drive to becoming well, has only damaged my mind further inside but I least I tried
I am not perfect in God’s eyes and that is alright

Over thirty days ago they were hope
I tried to hide the fear and thought it would be better here but soon that disappeared

I wish I had ignored everyone’s hurtful thoughts and just pushed them over to one side then let it corrupt my delicate mind
Every time I would settle something would blow my protective bubble and head into trouble

They are so many things I would change about the process and these series of unfortunate events
Everyone said I wasn’t processing but I did my best
Everyone needs a rest, from my overwhelmed states of fear which I thought had disappeared this year

But, once again I tried to trust those far away friends that promised me again that the plan would be delivered and things would be clearer
Yet, once again they made up lies to hide their lack of knowledge about me
All you had to do is talk to me
You don’t see how much I want to be free so you just walk over me

I don’t want to lose hope and be sent away on a boat into the depth of the ocean but as before the cycle of the storm, crushes me even more
I am used to standing on a desolate island
I am used to be frighten
But, these changing currents are pushing me off-balance
Now I know where the water breaks and the clear water dissipated
I can realign my fate and wait to trace a new ocean away from the commotion

© Rosie Burnham

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