Wait & See

I have been barred from being welcomed into your arms
I have traveled far, over a decade and through a colossal of stars to try to be accepted into your heart
However much I try, you continue to turn a blind eye and let the others lie which causes me pain deep in my views
If I had a hundred years to rewrite the past
Retell the story
The real version of events which have been coiled behind the roots that are being overthrown by the undergrowth

I feel so alone
This wasn’t a supposed to occur or to be like this
My life was a suppose to be a fight
I am fed up of being stabbed in the back all the time whilst others walk on by
I tired and lost in the clouds there are no comfort in the blue skies, just loud voices echoing through the trees
Moving the leaves and breaking their believe that one day they will see another season
Another fall
Whilst the storm rages on
The isolation magnifies into the night
The stars hold on tight to those moments of joy
Those bright lights even when the world is taking all their might

Deep down I know I will be alright
I just have to sleep tight and believe that it will be alright
Maybe somehow things will work out
I hope and pray that I find a way through this tangled maze of life

Maybe one day, I will not be confined to the trees
Maybe I will blossom as a seed
Maybe there are things that cannot be
We will just have to wait and see

© Rosie Burnham

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