Outskirts of Heaven

Those eyes glare through the clouds
I feel lost and found
Surrounded by the believers and healers saying I will go hell into the fire pit below
I never asked the sky to take me home

I don’t believe in a god because he forgot the many people below that have to flee their homes and head into the unknown

He see’s pain and looks away
How can I have faith in these empty words that were scripted years ago

If I believe in you would you accept me with my scars and sinned heart because down here
I am a sinner living in fear that I will never make it up there

People stare because they cannot see my mind and witness it turbulence times
If I give you time would you explained your rhymes or continue to lie

By the time, I had learnt your rhymes and have been to church a few times
Would you have a kind ear to listen to my past?
Would you have witnessed me suffer but followed another?

I am confused why you don’t answer back
It is a continuous silent track
I have to step back and understand that if the is a heaven
Will I make it?
Will you accept me?
If I am judged down here on earth, what hope is there up amongst the clouds and the starlit sky
Maybe I don’t want heaven even with it picturesque sun and wheat fields
Life is not a done deal
So I will wait
Maybe one day, you will show me the way
Maybe I understand your plans
Until then, the answer reminds unknown so I will go home

© Rosie Burnham


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