Swimming Pools

I feel I am living in an empty swimming pool
Were my body becomes see through
I close my eyes hoping to float into a different time
A different place was the past doesn’t define the present

There are moments I wish for rain to wash away my pain
By staring at the sky
Wishing for a droplet to fall
As I lay on the white titles
I feel I am living in a clinic hall and there is no freedom outside of these walls

I am too short to climb out
There is no ladder to aid my escape
So I pray for the rain, even if tsunami so that my body can float peacefully on the water and be a daughter
Rather than being a dark blot amongst these unchipped white titles that have had the privilege of the chlorine to wipe their past

But I am not allowed to let go so fast
I am trapped in world of unblemished souls that look down and frown
At what I have become in their eyes

The sunlight reflects on to the white titles
Illustrating my angry which is so strong that those people have to wear sunglasses to protect them from the rays
I don’t want to cause pain
But it would be nice for you to listen once a while instead you continue to throw your empty cans and don’t off me a fan or even a hand

One day your words will wash over me like quicksand
I will be glad when the water comes over me
Until then, I am stranded in white world
I will find another land were they understand that my life has not gone to plan

However, I will not demand at dreamland of hope or a wonderland of freedom but I will not be beaten by the evil spirits
I will rise above those destructive souls
And walk my way home

© Rosie Burnham

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