Leave Out All The Rest

Will I ever be free
This is what haunts me
The ghost of the past walking silence between the walls
Emerging at the corridors
I beg them no more
They have already torn my heart from my chest in their quest to kill these unwelcome guests

I do my best to run free
To fight but despite my best enough’s
I am no match against the three of them

I huddle in the corner
Close my eyes and pray that I will make it through the night
I pull my bed sheet over my head
I am in my protected atmosphere where the demons can not see clear
I cover my ears so that I cannot hear their words and remember all of their hurt

I am alert at night
Believe that I am over my head in this mess
but I continue to do my best
Even if I can’t forget the rest
I will process them instead
And leave out all the rest

© Rosie Burnham

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