Where did they go
Floating away into the unknown
I wish I could go home but the memories our haughting me every time I go to sleep
I weep inside
Scared of the demons that lurk deep inside

I am falling from the sky and I hope that the moon will catch me tonight
But, I am not a mind reader
I am not your thoughts
I am not your emotions
I am not your sense of self
So, stop trying to guide each word that I write
I don’t type my clear thoughts because they will bring tears to your eyes
And that is the last thing on my mind
Just give time to write my life
Instead of intertwining our minds

I have tried to example my reasons but like the seasons you quickly response
Then, my thoughts live on in my mind
And then I question why is my voice so powerless
Why are my words empty, full of meaningless rhymes that you question all the time

I am trying to realign my borders
I am trying to protect myself without having to build walls and unleashing emotional cannonballs which would cause a waterfall

Let me grow tall
Let me fall
I know that I can’t handle it all but I am only small
Let me dream and break free from the seams
I am never going to be mainstream

But …. let me dream

© Rosie Burnham

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