Please show me the way, even if I lose my faith
Please teach me how to stay and not feel the strain on my heart that has been torn apart

When I feeling blue
Please don’t lose faith
Please see through the bruised and tear filled eyes
I have tried to be the best I can be
One day you will hopefully see

Until then, please don’t be bemused
I still believe in you even if you become see through

We grew apart and now we have to go back to start
My life has been projected like a piece of art
I need space to breathe
I need space to heal and not for your words to continually peel away at my skin
My armour

Hopefully one day you will understand that I am not mad
Just life has sometimes left me feeling sad
Someday I feel like a nomad within society
Maybe one day, we can meet again

© Rosie Burnham



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