Please show me the way, even if I lose my faith
Please teach me how to stay and not feel the strain on my heart that has been torn apart
When I feeling blue

Please don’t lose faith
Please see through the bruised and tears in my eyes
Please don’t be bemused
I still believe in you, even if I become see through
I never knew that the world would break in two
But, we will make it through the unsettling truth

We will take strength from our youth and carry us through the turquoise blue nights
Giving me time to settle my mind and feel the calmness inside
But, I will not give up the fight because I know that there is so much life insight
I know I will be alright

I will wake up with the sunlight shining through the windows that unleash an energy of hope and joy which flows into my body
Restoring my broken spirit so that I am complete, not hollow
I will not wallow in sorrow
I will look forward to tomorrow

© Rosie Burnham

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