Separate Ways

Am I
Losing this battle to stay
Whilst waiting in your game
I don’t want fame
Just for things to change and for life to be forever remade

Even though people’s poisonous words sound so absurd
Yet, I am consumed with their soundless voices
I know there powerless to hurt me but there unkind words cut deep into my armour
I am wound and cross at myself for letting my guard down to the people who once were part of my life and my family but I am the casualty
You have rapidly become brutal and the love you gave was in vain

But, I will not let your words damage my healing and heart
Beginning me back to the start
Instead of your darkness tearing me apart
We will go our separate ways and maybe one day we will meet and greet each other with kind words
I know that cannot be
So will see what the future holds
Life is not made of moulds
I will not allow to scold my progress and deregulate my mind
I continue to move on with or without your support

You have become an invisible ghost
A strange to me
An empty soul full of angry at the world that you choose to take it out on women
Bullying there into insignificance to make your life feel whole
It just proves you have no soul

I walking away from your lies and deceit
If we do meet I will greet your kindness but I know that you will become aggressive
You are so insensitive
So I will walk away from all you say
I pray you find a better to deal with you misfortunes, your grief and your loneliness

I fear it is too late for you to change
So I will not wait for an apology
I will think logical and possibly we will meet again but until then … goodbye but least I can say is that I tried my best
I now need to rest

© Rosie Burnham

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