Dear Architect

Dear Architect

Please help me carve a new path
Rather than leaving the bricks to fall apart
I am tired of the elements breaking the glass in the windows
I am saddened that the wildlife have become my friends within the dark sky
There songs are a chime that gets me through the night

I fight the confinement of the crumbling walls that once where my support

My skin is weathered by the exposure to the harsh elements
I wish I had a helmet to protect my head from the icy rain
I am scared that I can’t handle this pain
I cannot live this way
I will not stay in this broken green house

I will start over
I will deflect all you reflect
I know that I cannot be past perfect
I will not be subjected to your project
I will reconnect and find some self respect
Even if I am wrecked

I will collect my things and fly away into the night sky


© Rosie Burnham

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