Remember Who I Was

Remember who I was
When I was young
My rosy cheeks would light up the dark skies
I was fearless and fun
I love life before the cyclone of pain was inflicted on my young soul

All I wanted was to go home
And remember the adventures we had a long the way
I wanted to stay
But I remained in the situation that left me black and blue
I saw through the empty words
I lost hope in those six months
I gave up
I had enough of this world
I wanted to see the stars but I was down on ground wishing I could fly away
I wanted to close my eyes and breathe for the last time

Throughout the darkness there was you, who helped me through
Even though you never knew
You stayed with me until
I had the courage to leave
Running through the autumn leaves to find some protection
Back to the innocent of life

Then, you followed through and left too
You were safe that made my body light up with joy
But, then the nightmares started and have never stopped
For that last ten years
I have begged and pleaded for the memories and demons to float on

But the song continued to play
I am living in a world of darkness
Lost in the past
My life as gone by so fast
There is no time to go back

Just remember the young child running through the fields
Please remember my smile that has gone for so long
One day I will belong

© Rosie Burnham

2 thoughts on “Remember Who I Was

  1. I have to almost laugh at the “running through the fields” line. As all I can think of is about a 9 yr old you getting a shot of driving a tractor and almost flipping it, with the 3 of us in it, with your not so sensitive steering. That however is the bubbly Rosie I remember.

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