I Preferred It Before

I preferred it before when we would talk more
Now, the silence is our words
The rain is our tears
The sun is our joy

Our lives have been scratched on the floor
I am bruised by your punches
Your words leach poison into the air
As I breathe in, the ulcers appear causing my gums to swell and turn red
From your toxic thoughts and shamelessly taunt my walk
So I don’t talk
Just mark time

Until I can rewind the history that has brought us to this point
As a joint force we will rebuilt the broken jenga tower and turn sour
We have the power to change the present, not the past
Please don’t become a wallflower and turn sour

Find an hour to think about your willpower and do not cower
Create a bower of dreams which you never thought you we reach
Then return back to the street and we shall meet

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