The Ocean

The ocean has become my harmonic motion
Where I feel no emotion
I wish there was a potion I could take, to make the approaching storm evaporate back into the atmosphere
I am frozen here but I know no fear
I am not broken even though I am stranded in the ocean

There has been so much commotion in my life that I have to remind myself that time has gone by

Amongst the motion from the waves, my body calmly floats with the currents
I have no sense of time and space
The stars our my compass
The night and day our my clock
The water is my support
Hopefully one day I will reach the shore and arrive at Davenport

I dream of leaving the ocean
This day has not come thus far
So, I will look up at the stars and hold hope in my heart
So that nothing will tear me apart

© Rosie Burnham

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