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Thank You:

Today, I was nominated by on my post ‘Finding A Voice’. She always comments on my posts and leaves words of encouragement. Thank you! This was totally unexpected but I am very grateful for this award.

About My Blog:

I started my blog over a year ago. To begin with I was afraid to write my thoughts but it has become a diary of emotions, poems and about my life. Recently, I have been published in the Huffington Post (Young People) which is an amazing feeling. I hope to spread awareness and hopeful help a person struggling with PTSD. I don’t feel ashamed that I struggle with PTSD or that I have been abused. I have accepted the past and would know one day hope to be a public speaker. I have documented my low and high moments on my blog, with patience and support I have found joy in life and hope in the future.

Words of Advice:

My first piece of advise is to write what is important to you at this moment but don’t feel pressured to write daily, just when your need too. I sometimes writing a blog or poem which I don’t publish for a couple of weeks because I need space to process the emotions behind my blogs. This is different for everyone.

Secondly, don’t worry about ‘likes’ and ‘views’. At firstly I was really worried that I wasn’t getting enough daily views. I unintentionally pressurised myself to publish blogs when I was ready. It is important to realise that the number of views, does not represent you as a person or your worth. It takes time to built a blog, I am still in process of growing my blog. The key is patience and pace yourself. Most importantly enjoy what you are doing and the rest will follow.

Here  my 15  nominations:


Thank you again to x

One thought on “Bloggers Recognition Award

  1. I enjoyed reading this ❤ I’m glad to hear you say you’re not ashamed that you have PTSD or have been abused, me neither 🙂 I love what you write, and you give good blogging advice too 🙂


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