This Town

The clouds dwell around the town
I sometimes drown in the atmosphere of dread
So I bury my head into my pillow
My tears fall like raindrop which I just cannot stop
I am sorry but my heart throbs with pain
A bullet unleashed once again

This town lingers with echoes of the past
Every time I am honest
I open up and let my guard down
I am suffocated by the empty sound which surround me now

The quiet is so loud
Even amongst the crowd
I am left cowed in the corner whilst the storm cloud
Passes through, who knew you would do it too?

I fall through the bamboo of life’s jungle
I stumble and nearly crumble
But, I stay humble and walk through the tunnel, filled with fears that will never disappear

I have adhere to your words
I have carried your baggage
I have banished my damaged
I will manage

In a year or two
You will drive through this town and you will hear no sound
You will look around
But, I have gone underground and headed westbound
To solid ground

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