Different Worlds

Please don’t run and hide
I know you are frighten sometimes
But, everything will be alright
I just takes time
You can’t rewind the broken tape or retrace your unmarked fate

It is difficult to talk and not walk away
Your mind floats away
Detaching your mind from your body
You lose track of time
You forget the last conversation
Your brain crystallise over
Leaving you scared, frighted and fearful of loosing  time
Your self
Your control
Your memory
Your identity

One minute, you can be an articulate person
The next, a confused, paralysed being
Trying to regain those last seconds, minutes and hours
You lose your power
The last hour, you have walking around a field unaware of the people stare
Unaware of clouds building behind
Unaware of the raindrop falling on your shoulders
Unaware of the muddy terrain, underneath your feet
Even thought the hilly are steep
You don’t retreat

You, walk on
Unaware of the rising stream or where it could lead
In a different world

Your brain has become a maze of trauma
A cycle of fear
A time capsule which holds you prison
A person whose soul is floating in the atmosphere
Awaiting to hear something different than the cold air that whistles through your body
Causing a wave of turmoil to circulate
Making your mind blind causing it to hurt from the inside
With out your protective mind sheltering from the outside

In the end it will be alright

So hold tight.

© Rosie Burnham

2 thoughts on “Different Worlds

  1. Thank you sharing your thoughts! It is difficult living with trauma but the more I share my story, I am slowly breaking free from the past! Stay strong x

    Liked by 1 person

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