Running To Recovery

We all have a story to tell…. this is mine!
At the age of 15, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. At this time I was scared and fearful for the future. I would have flashbacks which would last up to four hours at a time which would put extreme pain on both my mind and body. It has taken till now, to accept the past and start to move forward in my life.

I have decided to running the Richmond Half Marathon (18th September) for Mind. I am aiming to raise £350. The reason for choosing this charity is to raise awareness about mental health and that you can recover!!! It takes time, patience, support and love and thankful I have receive all of these things in massive amounts.

Two months ago, I decided to start running again. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. My body was vulnerable after all of these years but I start slow and on the 13th August: I completed the Rat Race in London which consistes of a 10km run with 35 water obstacles. I managed to raise £305 for Shelter.

I have also, registered for the Windsor Half Marathon (25th September) and a Full – Marathon in Valencia in November.
I could continue to stay in a cycle of trauma for the rest of my life and give power to my attackers, BUT…

After ten years of struggling, I want to live!
I deserve to have a good life.
I am NOT defined by the past or my PTSD.
I am not ashamed to share my story
Most of all, I finally feel happy !

Here are my links, if you would like to follow my story:

Just Giving:

Thank you, please share
Rosie x

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