English Rose

My english rose
You begin to lose hope, amongst the thorns of life
Your petals takes a blow from the sharp facade of the world around                                     From years of absorbing their poison


There is no reason to cause this harm, when I am disarmed
Causing me to alarmed
But, the shards from the past
Guide me away from your divisive games
I will not play and let you light these dangerous flames
To cause pain and make false claims
I will walk away

My veins will reclaim their blood
Allowing my lungs to function rather than dysfunction
My body is working in conjunction with itself rather than attacking my weakened immune system

I distant myself, from you and all you can do
Allowing the storm to blow through
Until there is a breakthrough

Who knew?
My petals would begin to flourish
Becoming a deeper shade of red                                                                                                               The demons will leave my head

And, I can finally look ahead

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