Cold Water

My daughter
The water has consumed you
Until, your clothes our dripping with water
They have become an extra layer of skin
A wetsuit in the cold water
With the snow-capped mountains sheltering you from the oncoming snow storm
Immediately, causing an avalanche which begins to cascade down the mountain

You are safe in the water
You are a witness to the destruction but powerless to help
Your eyes glazed over with fear
Becoming white and translucent as the mountains tops

Your eyes our your weapon and you enemy
Playing tricks with your already weakened mind
The ghosts of the ocean haunt you still
Leaving you isolated and alone in the empty ocean
Moving graceful with the current

Bobbing on the surface
Patiently waiting for warmer seas to come and collide with the cold water
Causing a wave to break
Beginning, a cycle of waves which will hopeful guide you to shore
Where you have never been before

Until, this happens you will look at the horizon and pray for warmer days

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