Common Ground

Broken records
Fjord a line between my life
Causing an ocean wave which creates more distance between us
Can’t we work towards a new dawn
By, cutting the cord which has floored my unsociable soul

All we need is an air hole
A whirlpool to cleanse the unpurified particles in the water
Allowing a water hole to be established
Creating an area of solid ground

Where there is no animosity
Just empathy and understanding that we our all imperfect
Don’t let the past resurface
And be the one’s to give the guilt verdict
I know this doesnt seem urgent, to you

By constantly diverging the questions and breaking the trust
Life then becomes unjust
I can’t be brushed away
I will stay and listen

Even if there are no voices speaking
No answers being addressed
I will rest and do my best
To stay calm and not harm the coral reef of emotions in my mind
I will let the changing tides happen
And ride the waves that are going to crash anyway

I will not fray
I will carry this weight
I will meet you at the bay
And stay until..

We can meet on common ground
Someday I will be found
And you will listen to my sound

For now, I live in the background
Until, I can live safe and sound amongst the world around

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