Power Within

Power within
Somedays wears you thin
As though you are skating on thin ice
Each time you fall the cold bites which is not nice
You feel as fragile as a thin grain of rice
Each time, you have to remind your fragile mind that this year is different entirely
So is it so frightening ?

Don’t let the force of cold air cause an avalanche of fear in your heart
You are worth more than that
Life can sometimes be so sad
But, through the bad times
Reminds you that it gets better in time

Even though the crime’s cannot be undone
Just know that someone is looking from above
Guiding you across the treacherous crossing
When you feel like dropping to the floor because life has beaten you sore
Don’t give up as before
Walk across to the shore

There is so much life ahead of you
If you can make it through
Let them help you to the other side
As the wind blew, helping you get through
This uncertain time
Remember, one day you will learn to fly
It just takes time

If you are patient and don’t become complacent
Your life will become nascent in colour and light
So use your might to fight through the night
And tomorrow will be alright
And your will see the sunlight, shining into you life

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