Leaving The Past Behind

Living in the dark Life drifts by so fast 

I feel like I am wearing a mask which burns my heart

So much so, that I need a by-pass

The task of living in this complicated society 

Wears me down, to skin and bone 

I wish I could go home 
I am left vulnerable in a darkened world where everyone looks through me 

Like I am invisible and why am I being such a hypocrite 

This isn’t the thick of it 
I wish I could go back but I can’t 

I wish that could of protected myself

I wish I could have spoken about the abuse 
But these three empty sentence didn’t happen. They are in the past. I am powerless to change these things. 
It time to let go.. this time 

At last, I am hoping to forget the past 
Finally, I have realised this after all of this time 

I am ready to fly and leave the past behind 

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